About me


Hi my name is Roma Dhameja and just over 3 years ago I started this blog anonymously to test ideas about school leadership. At the time I couldn’t find a lot of material directed at those in Leadership but not yet Heads so I decided to contribute. I kept it anonymous because I didn’t want my ideas to be seen as a reflection of the ideas of the Trust I work. As often they were my personal reflections, things I had noticed working in education or ideas I was playing with in my mind. However, over time I started working with the wonderful education community online and particularly on Twitter, sharing ideas, speaking on podcasts and contributing to written work and the idea of being anonymous just became unnecessary.


Since then I have moved away from Leadership in the traditional sense (I was a Vice Principal) and moved towards leading on curriculum for the two subjects I love, business and economics (I am Trust curriculum lead for these subjects) I have also published my book ‘What Young People Need to Know About Money’ and had the privilege at speaking at some wonderful schools with magnificent young people about finance and careers. Some of the topics I speak on can be found below

School Talks

I regularly deliver school talks on personal finance and careers. Previous talks have included:

  • How much does life cost? ( KS3 and 4)
  • Money the Basics (Ks3 and 4)
  • What Young Girls Need to Know About Money (KS4 and 5)
  • Managing Money in your early career (KS5)
  • How Recruitment is Changing (KS4 and 5)
  • Recruitment and Career Progression (KS5)
  • If you would like to discuss booking a talk for your school please use the contact form below

To contact me about speaking opportunities it is probably easiest to get hold of me on Twitter at @noonetoldmehow