About me

Why I am writing this blog and why it is anonymous

I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a while now and every time I do I come across yet another book or blog that amazes me from the world of education. Teachers, at all levels are making their voices and experiences heard in powerful ways and sharing best practice or their own findings and revelations. After reading fantastic opinions and views I then talk myself out of it thinking I have nothing to add. However, I have noticed some little niche where I may be able to contribute something. My observations are there is a vast amount of material for new teachers into the profession which is fantastic as this is a critical time in their career. With the new OFSTED focus on curriculum there is also a vast amount of information online about curriculum development for middle leaders. There is also a wealth of information about stuff that is working for those in the profession. However, what I have noticed is there is a distinct lack of material which aids those in Leadership, not in Headship but those climbing their way up the leadership ladder. Either through managing a whole school responsibility or at AP or even VP level. There is also a lack of transparency around what has not worked in schools. Perhaps due to the fear of schools looking like they don’t know what they are doing or wasting funds that are tight enough already.

Therefore in this blog I propose to:

  1. Provide information and personal experiences of climbing up the leadership ladder, first with whole school responsibility and then as AP and currently where I am at VP level.
  2. Share my mistakes in an honest fashion. Research in the education field is still relatively recent therefore it is naïve to assume that we are all taking actions based on undeniable laws. Moreover we are dealing with people and therefore what may work some days may not work on others or even years later.
  3. Education is messy business, educators try their best and this may not be what parents or the government want to hear but we are trying stuff and if we want to be brave we need to be open about it and the fact that sometimes it doesn’t work. But regardless we have to roll our sleeves up and get messy.
  4. Provide information about mistakes I have made which may have you screaming at your screen. You may even call me stupid. But I will see this as success. Because somewhere someone has or is making the same mistake. You are my people J

I will be doing this however without telling you who I am or where I work. Firstly because this will allow me to be more open and transparent without the fear that it may harm the organisation I work for.

Secondly because these views are my own as are my experiences and no matter how much I say that I know to some extent they will still be linked to the institution I work for and I do not want this.

What I will tell you about myself is I am a VP at a secondary school and I am delighted to be sharing this time with you. I hope to earn this time in the future by providing reading material that will help, give you pause for thought or at least entertain.