About me


Hi my name is Roma Dhameja and just over 2 years ago I started this blog anonymously to test ideas about school leadership. At the time I couldn’t find a lot of material for those in education Leadership who were not Heads so decided to contribute to the wonderful wealth of materials available online. I kept it anonymous because I didn’t want my ideas to be seen as a reflection of the Trust I work for thus allowing me to write freely and play with ideas online. However, over time I started working with the wonderful education community online and particularly on Twitter, sharing ideas and the idea of being anonymous just became unnecessary.


In 2020/2021it became apparent to me that Leadership really wasn’t for me. It didn’t bring me any joy and what’s more is it took me out of the classroom, and I hated that. I love teaching Business and Economics and I just wasn’t doing much of that anymore. I also wanted to take time to write my book ‘What Young People Need to Know About Money.’ I’m currently a Business and Economics teacher and lead for a Trust on the Business and Economics Curriculum.

School Talks

I regularly deliver school talks on personal finance and careers. Previous talks have included:

  • How much does life cost? ( KS3 and 4)
  • Money the Basics (Ks3 and 4)
  • What Young Girls Need to Know About Money (KS4 and 5)
  • Managing Money in your early career (KS5)
  • How Recruitment is Changing (KS4 and 5)
  • Recruitment and Career Progression (KS5)
  • If you would like to discuss booking a talk for your school please use the contact form below